Delicious and Vegetarian

We serve Indian vegetarian food suitable for the sensitive western tummies. Other than nutritional value, we love to serve the tasty food with indian spices, to give a truly Indian experience. Most of our guests go back home with inspiration to eat healthy and vegetarian. We are happy to let you see our cooks in action and to learn how to cook on your own.

All meals come with either herbal hot drinks or fruit juices at noon.
Tea is served only once a day along with brunch.
Coffee is not available due to its acidic nature, which may not go well with ayurvedic medication.
Filtered drinking water is available at four different locations in the ashram. Please bring a water bottle to fill in anytime.
We do not serve meat, fish, eggs etc.

All food is prepared with filtered water in our clean and spacious kitchen, where we give utmost importance to hygiene. Some of the foods are grown in our own garden, without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. We are hoping to grow all food in our eco-farm in a near future, until then we buy the seasonally grown vegetables from local farmers. As a principle we try to avoid any food from super markets or packaged food.

We will be happy to accommodate guests with certain food allergies, or vegan, gluten-free diets etc. Both brunch and dinner include: salads, vegetables, lentils/beans, rice/wheat items, soups/hot drinks, and desserts occasionally. So there is enough variety to choose from.

All meals are served in Buffet-style and you can take as much as you want.

Food Schedule:

06:30 am: Hot Lemon Ginger / Herbal Drinks
09:00 am:  Bruch (Salad, Vegetable, Lentils/beans, varieties of Rice, Indian Bread, and Tea)
01:30 pm: Fruits / Herbal Drink, Occasional Snacks.
07:00 pm: Dinner ( Salad, Lighter Indian foods like Dosa, Idly, Upma, Parothas with Vegetable curries, Lentils, etc. Soups and Desserts are served twice a week.

We have Fruit Lunch in the afternoon, as the morning Brunch is heavy and needs time to be digested. Furthermore, you need a lighter tummy for the evening Yoga Class. However, we don’t expect you to starve or feel lack of energy/nutrition with our diet/timings. If anybody requires, we will be happy to provide you extra food in the afternoons. Otherwise, you can also buy dry fruits and healthy snacks from our boutique.

We understand that Indian food is new to your stomach and we ensure that you are getting the right food. If anything doesn’t suit your tummy, we will provide porridge, or boiled vegetables etc. Students with low-blood pressure are suggested to bring extra iron/mineral supplements.

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