Do’s and Don’ts of living in an Ashram

Please read the following guidelines carefully, as everybody filling out the online application will have to agree to follow these guidelines, and also give approval signature upon arrival.

We expect all our students are mature adults and coming to this retreat with a spiritual inclination. Thereby, ready to deal with any challenges as an opportunity to grow in wisdom. Though we don’t like to impose any rules and regulations, we still would like to remind you the following things, for the sake of making your stay focused and non-distracting for all participants.

  1. All classes are mandatory. An exception can be made during illness.
  2. Drinking alcohol, eating meat, or coming to our campus intoxicated is not allowed. Consumption of mind-altering substances can cause not only dismissal from the ashram but also legal action from local police.
  3. Silence from 10 pm to 10 am is strictly observed throughout the campus.
  4. A prior permission from the teacher is required for using any electronic gadgets like computers in the classroom. Mobiles are strictly off the limits from the classroom and while eating food.
  5. Any damage to fittings or furniture caused by you will be charged extra.
  6. A prior written permission from the Ashram Director is required to record the place, people, classes or events by audio, video, photos, etc. All recordings are allowed with the condition that the ashram has first rights to claim copyrights, to publish online and to decline permission for usage in any personal or professional capacity.
  7. Internet lines in the ashram have a limited bandwidth per month. We request guests to use it for minimum emails and communication and avoid upload/download activities. On rare occasion Internet lines can be broken and it can take one day and in worse situation about a week for the internet company to fix. Until the internet company fix it, we can’t do anything. The Ashram is not under any obligation to provide uninterrupted internet but we try our best to get it back.
  8. We reserve the right to dismiss any student from the course or to deny the certification, for the following reasons: professional misconduct, violent behavior, sexual misbehavior, disrespect to teachers and ashram, not committed to the program, taking drugs or alcohol, disregard to the silence rule, etc.
  9. One is expected to complete all payments within the first week of the course. If any student leaves the course before completion, he/she will not be refunded.
  10. You are advised to use your own discretion in participating or trying various teachings or techniques taught in the ashram. The Ashram/Trust is not liable for any injury, illness, accidents or any unexpected consequences.