About AyurYoga Eco-Ashram

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AyurYoga Eco-Ashram is a unique green project in India, where the love for Mother Nature goes along with the passion to improve the internal environment within our body-mind through Yoga, Ayurveda and Spirituality. We believe that the environmental damages we see around are the reflections of our own messed up minds, not knowing what to do with life or having no control on our body-mind. However, we don’t want to scare the people with the future of humanity with all statistics and sadness around. Nor do we want to simplify the complexities of modern economics by asking people to give up their basic right to enjoy the simple joys of human life. Instead, we want to give a positive experience of living in harmony with nature and an opportunity to reflect on nature of Self and our purpose in Life. We believe that the guests coming to our ashram are wise enough to connect with Nature, both internal and external, and choose an eco-friendly lifestyle naturally.

As one of the first Eco-Ashrams in India, we are a non-religious and non-sectarian retreat place run by simple but open-minded yogis. Though we are rooted in the ancient traditions, we feel the need to innovate and evolve age old practices of Yoga and Ayurveda to the practical needs of modern times, instead of asking modern people live by the standards of our old good times some centuries ago! AyurYoga Eco-Ashram is a safe place to explore Indian spirituality and healing traditions without being brain-washed by any religious or sectarian ideas about Life. At the same time, we are not New-Age gurus wanting to please westerners with a make-believe spiritual bubble where life seems too good to be true! We want to share the hard facts about life and also the tools to deal with the struggles we have to pass through!

We do not impose any fixed manuals, lifestyles, books, traditions, rules, etc. We do not promise Nirvana (enlightenment) or deep spiritual experiences nor do we bang you with some abstract spiritual philosophies that are difficult to practice in the real life. What we teach is simple yoga and meditation practices that can be of practical use in your daily life, to improve our connections with Food, Sleep, Relationships, Families and make us efficient with our work.

We encourage our students to lead ‘a dynamic life with a peaceful heart,’ not a lazy escapism from the society in search of eternity in Himalayas! We don’t like to brand or label what we teach as philosophy, or associate with any religion, culture, or books! Because this wisdom is always present within us! What we do is just to remind you of all the beauty, grace and wisdom you have been holding within all the time.

We are not really any big organization with a lot of visionary ideas to transform anybody. In fact, we don’t accept any donations from corporate sector nor grants from any religious or government organizations, so that the freedom of spirit is not hijacked by the economic compulsions of modern times. We don’t expect any free service from volunteers but actually pay salaries to our staff as per the industry standards. We prefer to be a small hidden place for few committed practitioners and have no ambition to expand into bigger organization. We are simple yoga seekers who are trying to live in peace with Nature and walking the path of Unknown. We are happy to share this space with similar minded people who are also on the path of exploring the purpose of life and trying to lead a life of fulfillment.