Literally, Ashram means a place where a group of people live and work together with Spiritual Growth / Self Realization as a common goal. In modern times, ashram can be a great place where people recharge their spiritual batteries, away from all the distractions of the busy, and materialistic, lifestyle in society. The peaceful nature of the ashram, combined with yoga and meditation, can help us to calm down our stressed body-breath-mind.

From the Yogic understanding, humans are brainwashed continuously in society and are compelled to lead an automated robotic lifestyle, which can sometimes be shallow and meaningless. A secluded space and energy of like minded people in an ashram helps us to take time off from these compulsive behaviors, attitudes, habits, schedules, obligations of the society and challenge our own beliefs/values that guide our lifestyle. Here, we dare to ask: What am I doing with my life? Why? What do I really want? What is the purpose of Life? How can I live a meaningful and fulfilling life? Not only ask, but practice the techniques to reset our body-mind for a fresh restart.

About AyurYoga Eco-Ashram

Firstly, we are not a big established ashram or organization, nor run by Gurus or donations. AyurYoga Ashram is a dream of a few simple yoga teachers to live a quiet life in nature, to practice and teach to a small number of committed, advanced students.

Unlike many other ashrams in India, what is taught here is non-sectarian and non-religious. Our teachings are based on universal principles of Love, Peace and Wisdom to live a healthy peaceful life in a challenging modern lifestyle. We consider that all beings are Divine and have the potential to live an amazing life under any external circumstances.

We do not represent any particular traditions/styles/ideas/gurus. The majority of our teachers are monks based on ancient spiritual traditions in India and they have their own gurus/traditions in their personal lives. However, we are strict about the principle of not imposing any single path/tradition/cult, but to present the best wisdom from all traditions. We love all spiritual practices from all places, both ancient and modern. We believe each human being is unique and needs to find his/her own path – so we don’t teach you what is Truth – but help you to find out your own Truth.

We do not promise Nirvana (enlightenment), or deep spiritual experiences, nor do we bang you with some abstract spiritual philosophies. We are not Gurus to change you or your life. We are just spiritual seekers on the path and want to share a few simple and safe techniques to help you better manage your body-breath-mind and also talk about the things that impact our life: Food, Sleep, Sex, Fears, Work, Relationships, Self-esteem (Ego), etc.

Non-Profit run by spiritual seekers

Ayur Yoga Ashram was founded and is run by Krishna Chaitanya and other yoga teachers with the following vision:

  1. Traditional wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, taught by ancient Yogis, needs to be reinterpreted for modern times to make it practical for the common people of today, to practice in their normal daily lives.
  2. An opportunity for traditional monks or advanced yoga practitioners to share their actual life experience with committed spiritual seekers from around the world.
  3. Training Yoga Teachers equipped with philosophical and spiritual roots of yoga, to present yoga as a way of life, more than fitness on mats! Also to train Teachers to become ambassadors of Peace, by sharing Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and appropriate diet for today’s world filled with conflicts and stress.
  4. Spiritual retreats of traditional yoga, Ayurveda, ecology, permaculture, arts & culture, etc. Also, to invite great teachers from around the world to share their life’s passion for a spiritual exchange of East and West.
  5. Developing and maintaining Eco-friendly infrastructure in Mother Nature, filled with forests of sacred trees, yoga spaces, organic farm, which is conducive to spiritual practices.
  6. An organic Ayurveda treatment facility and training center for disseminating the traditional methods of Ayurveda for living and loving the life in tune with Mother Nature. It’s our dream to grow and produce all the medicines that will be used in our treatments.
  7. A library with used books and multimedia on spirituality and cultural wisdom from around the world. (Used book donations are gladly accepted!)
  8. A sacred forest with 10,000 trees, as we love trees and India needs them!
  9. Helping the surrounding villagers by training them into organic farming, creating employment (especially for women), providing clean water through bio-sand water filters, assisting in building sanitation facilities, teaching English and computers for the local children, etc.

Ayur Yoga Center is registered as an educational and charitable Trust. All the monetary contributions received from the students will be considered as a donation and would be utilized for the maintenance and development of this unique project.

Want to help?

We don’t take volunteers per se, as we prefer to pay employees for their time and skills. If you have completed a 4-week Yoga Teacher Training or 2-week Retreat with us, then it is possible do to a work-exchange with a minimum time commitment of at least 3 to 6 months, depending on the skills/project. If you are a past student/guest and interested in this opportunity, please email us.