Frequently Asked Questions


Please fly into Bangalore International Airport (BLR), which is the closest airport to the ashram.

Please check the How to Get Here page for more information about flights, airport transfers, and visas.

Yes, we organize taxi transfers to/from Bangalore International Airport and the ashram, at anytime of the day or night. After finalizing your booking, we will send a link to the Airport Transfers booking form, where you need to enter in your arrival details. Then, we will organize a taxi, drivers whom we are familiar with, to pick you up and bring you safely to the ashram.

Please check the How to Get Here page for more information about airport transfers, costs, etc.


Yes, we have the fastest wi-fi available in India. The wi-fi is located in a common place where the guests can hang out. Sorry, there is no wi-fi in the cabins.

Each person will receive a complementary internet voucher for 500mb upon arrival. If you use up all the data on your voucher, more data is available for purchase.

Please note the ashram is a place to get away from the daily habits and rising social media addictions. Please take this opportunity to unplug from technology, giving a full retreat to your body-mind-soul.

Please check the Facilities page for more information about internet and other facilities available in the ashram.

Yes, it is possible for our housekeeping to machine wash your clothes, which costs 200 rupees per load. The clothes are line-dried. If you want your clothes ironed, there is an additional nominal fee.

It is also possible to hand wash your own clothes. There is a bucket in each cabin, with solar hot water. Each cottage has a clothesline on the porch, for drying the clothes. Washing powder is available for purchase in the ashram boutique.

Please check the Facilities page for more information about the facilities available in the ashram.

Yes, each cabin has solar hot water connected to the showers.

Please check the Accommodation page for more information and photos of the accommodation.


We accommodate special dietary needs for dairy, gluten free meals, as well as other food allergies/intolerance. Please let us know in the online application of any food allergy/intolerance. Then, we will let you know what alternatives are available.

Please check the Food & Drinks page for more information about the vegetarian meals served.

Currently we are unable to provide raw food meals. All of the fruits and vegetables served here are grown in the ashram or bought from local farmer’s markets. Therefore the selection is seasonal, which makes it difficult to fulfill the nutritional needs of a raw food diet.

We hope to learn more about raw food preparation, nutritional requirements, etc, to offer this option during special retreats in the future.

What to Bring

We request everyone to dress conservatively, to respect the local culture. Please cover the shoulders, cleavage, mid-drift, and knees. A light scarf is always good to have around, and is very fashionable in India!

Please bring light cotton clothes for yoga classes and hanging out in and around the ashram. The weather can get hot during the day, for which light cottons are the most comfortable.

Depending on the time of year, nights can be slightly chilly. Please bring a light woolen sweater and socks for such an occasion.

Please check the Location and Weather page for more information about dressing, weather, and location.

e provide each student with a new yoga mat on the first day of the retreat. No need to bring your own.

No, we give the necessary books and manuals to each student on the first day of the retreat.

The weather here is very pleasant throughout the year. The average temperature ranges from 20 – 35 degrees Celsius year-round.

Monsoon season, from June to September, is also very mild, compared to other parts of India. No need to worry about crazy rains or flooding that disturb classes or daily life. The rains here are very light and happen mostly at night, only lasting for an hour or two.

Please check the Location and Weather page for more information.


Currently we are unable to accept drop-in guests, as our accommodation is very limited. If you want to stay in the ashram, you will need to come for a scheduled yoga retreat in India.

Please check the Book Now page for a list of the upcoming retreats, dates, and how to register.

Due to limited accommodation, we cannot accept guests who are not participating in a retreat. If your family wants to stay close while you are participating in a retreat, they can stay in Mysore. Mysore is one hour drive from the ashram, with comfortable and budget friendly guesthouses, and plenty of cultural activities for your family to explore.

We welcome volunteers, but in a limited number due to the limited accommodation. A minimum time commitment of three to six months is required, along with a specialized skill that is useful for the ashram.

We have employees who take care of the daily needs such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc, and cannot rely on volunteers for these duties.

If you would like to offer your time and specialized skill, please email us a concrete proposal of 1. The specialized skill and how it can be useful, 2. Exact dates of commitment, 3. Your background in yoga and spirituality. Then, our teachers will read and discuss the possibility of volunteer or work-exchange.


Currently we are developing the Ayurveda center, which will probably be ready by November 2016. When the Ayurveda center is ready, we will announce the treatment packages.

Please email: info(at) for any further questions.