AyurYoga Eco-Ashram campus is designed to give an experience of living in Nature. The work is still in the progress to implement the principles of permaculture throughout 18 acres of ashram area. All buildings are constructed with Eco-friendly materials and set to blend in the nature. Although simple, all of our facilities are comfortable, providing all necessities while standing in harmony with the surroundings.

Existing facilities at AyurYoga Ashram in India

Chakra Hall: The circular yoga hall next to the river is our main yoga space for yoga teacher training classes and workshops.
Surya Hall: A smaller yoga hall amidst green lawns and plantations is mostly used for yoga retreats and evening video shows.
Chandra Hall: The L-shaped hall above the dining room offers the best panoramic views of countryside all around.
Ananda Hall: A large hall above Deluxe Rooms is one of the most peaceful place for meditation. One can also get the best view of river and agriculture fields around.
Dhanwantari Ayurveda Clinic: One of the iconic buildings in our ashram, this ayurveda clinic is built with natural laterite stone as per the Vastu architecture. All ayurveda treatments are given in five spacious ayurveda therapy rooms in this building.
Dining Room:The moon shaped dining hall can comfortably seat 40 people. The open concept in front of the dining room always provides fresh air and gorgeous views, making it a favorite hangout spot for our guests to chill out! We hope to create outdoor dining soon.
Kitchen: A 400 sq.ft spacious kitchen is a temple for most of our guests, who loves delicious healthy food three times a day. We have separate rooms for storage and another for cutting the vegetables, so that kitchen is kept very clean at all times.
Boutique: A small boutique in the ashram sells the basic necessities that our guests may require such as organic toiletries, yoga clothes, water bottles, dry fruits, ayurvedic medicines etc. If you need anything from the town, you can request our staff to bring for you, instead of your going to the town.
Heritage Building: The Heritage Building, which used to be the house of yogis for more than fifty years, before we started our ashram.

Upcoming Facilities at AyurYoga Ashram

Three-floor central structure with a ground floor library / wifi-zone / student hang-out area, second floor yoga hall, and third floor meditation hall.
Ayurveda Pharmacy, to manufacture Ayurveda herbal medicines for our in-house use, from the herbal plants grown within our ashram.
Reception building with offices.
Residential quarters for Staff and Volunteers.
Developing Gardens, sitting areas, ponds, and art to create a Zen atmosphere as per the principles of Permaculture.
Temple – for both ashram residents and locals.
Free Ayurveda Clinic for locals.
Sacred Forest – plantation of 10,000 Herbal/Ayurvedic medicinal trees to produce a powerful healing energy.

Every new student coming to this campus would be contributing to the further growth of this ashram, as all the profits from what you pay will be used for the development and maintenance of this ashram. We feel the need for having this kind of ashram in India, where peace, space and nature are hard to find, in our over populated country becoming desert every year. At AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, we can’t think of spirituality devoid of Mother Nature and its influence on our body-mind-soul everyday. We encourage our guests to interact with the varieties of trees, birds, creatures in this abundance of nature.


Electricity: The supply of electricity from the government is limited to 6 – 8 hours a day. However, we have UPS battery backup for all rooms and teaching halls, besides the silent diesel generator for emergencies. The voltage in India is 220v, you may need voltage adapater, if you carry an devices of different voltage. All our rooms are equipped with International plugs.

Internet: AyurYoga Eco-Ashram is equipped with one wired internet connection, which mostly doesn’t work as the wires get cut frequently and can take several weeks to fix them each time. Our second satellite internet connection is reliable most of the time. We provide a complementary net voucher to help you to stay connected with your families. However, we don’t like to see our guests hanging out on their phones or computer for too long. The purpose of coming to this ashram is to disconnect from the worldly distractions in our mundane life and to connect with our inner life. So, we expect the guests to minimize their time on phones/computers and instead read books during free time. Internet is turned off during Silence Hours from 10 pm to 10 am.

Telephone: Your mobile phone may not work here as our remote location in the countryside doesn’t have that great signal. We recommend the guests to turn the phones to airplane mode to save from roaming costs. If you really really need a sim card, you can buy tourist sim cards from the airport. Foreigners are not allowed to buy normal sim cards in India, other than tourist sim cards available at airports. You are welcome to borrow the phones of our staff, for any unavoidable calls.

Laundry: We offer machine laundry for a nominal cost. You can also bring organic washing powder, or buy in our Boutique, to the wash yourself. Every room contains a washing bucket and clotheline on balcony.We request our guest to minimize the use of chemical soaps, washing powders, shampoos in the bathrooms, as we are growing organic vegetables that you would be eating.

Though we provide all the basic comforts and facilities needed for International guests, we are not a hotel, nor a resort. We consider all payments from students as exchange for what we teach and as a gift for future students. So, there are no separate charges for accommodation, food and facilities. The idea behind charging for certain extras like private rooms, internet, laundry, etc. is to minimize the use of natural and human resources like Water, Power, Internet – which are all in scarcity and expensive.