Firstly, thank you for choosing to walk your path with us.

Please read this page carefully, as you need to agree to all the below terms & conditions while filling the registration form during the booking process.

Why Non-refundable Deposit?

Due to limited accommodation and the number of spots in each retreat, it is not practical for us to block a spot without 10% deposit as a guarantee from you. The deposit goes towards marketing and administrative costs. We also hire teachers and make practical arrangements depending on the number of participants. We need to know the exact number of participants for each retreats in advance to be able to prepare well and to receive you here without any last minute worries.

Please note the deposit payment is part of total retreat cost and added to the your final invoice.

How to Pay the Deposit?

After completing the Registration Form from our Online Bookings Page, you will be forwarded to our Online Payments page, where you can pay online with your credit/debit card. After completing the payment, you will receive a receipt of your payment automatically and a link to pay the balance payments online through credit/debit card.

Application without a deposit

Without deposit, your application is not forwarded for review and approval process nor can we block a spot in our online reservation software.

Review of your application

All online applications will be reviewed by our teachers, to make sure that the course/retreat you are applying for is right for you. We look at your age, health, medical history (if any), past experience in Yoga etc. Only in some rare cases, if we feel your physical fitness or health conditions may not be suitable, we will phone you to discuss with you.

If an application is rejected (only in rare cases) the deposit will be refunded within 24 hours to the same Credit/Debit card.

Transfer Policy

It is possible to transfer your application and non-refundable deposit to any future retreat or to any of your friends/family, with the following conditions:

1) Transfer request needs to be made at least six weeks before retreat start date.

2) Your future retreat should be within one year from the date/month of retreat you have paid for. Example: if you book for a retreat starting in January 2016, you can transfer to any course till in January 2017. If you want to transfer to a course beyond one year, there will be $100 transfer fee and $200 can be used for the courses beyond one year.

3) It is possible to transfer dates less than 4 weeks from the original start date, depending on availability. There is a $100 USD fee applied for each transfer of date less than 4 weeks prior to the check-in date.

3) Without Transfer intimation within six weeks prior to the start date, the non-refundable deposit will be forfeited automatically as we will not be able to find a replacement in the last minute and we have to leave one spot free.

Refund Policy

The 10% deposit payment is non-refundable under any circumstances, as this goes toward administrative costs.

If you have paid the full fees for the course:
100% refund, if you cancel six weeks before the retreat start date.
75% refund if you cancel 15 days before the retreat start date.
50% refund if you leave within the first 3 days after arriving here.

Cancellation Policy

We hire the number of teachers/staff, pay for the rooms in advance and make other preparations for each retreat based on number of participant. Any last minute cancellations, no-shows or leaving the retreat without completion would cause financial loss for us. So, the deposit is forfeited.  There will be an additional cancellation fee under the following circumstances:

$300 USD Cancellation Fee for No-Shows or No-Cancellation notification.
$300 USD for leaving the retreat within the first 3 days.
$100 USD/day for the number of days stayed, in case of discontinuation of the course for any reason.
For discontinuing the course after two weeks, students are liable to make full payment and no refunds.
If you have to leave the Retreat for any medical or family or unavoidable emergencies, at least 50% of the total costs will be charged.

Full (Balance) Payment

When you complete the deposit payment, you will receive the invoice showing your balance payment, after deducting the deposit payment, which is part of the total payments. To pay the balance in advance, use the link provided in the Deposit Payment Receipt email sent after registration, or email our office.

You can pay the retreat balance anytime before retreat start date.
The balance needs to be paid within three days from retreat start date.

How To Pay?

Online Payments: We accept online payments through Credit/Debit Cards from our website 24×7. Please note there would be an extra charge of 4% processing fees, charged by RetreatGuru payment gateway for International card processing. All fees for payment processing or currency exchange fees charged payment gateways or banks are not included in the total cost and you will be charged in addition to what you pay us.

Cash Payments:
We accept cash in any major currency such as USD/GBP/AUD/EUR. For other currencies, please email us in advance to be sure.
However, please note that Indian Banks/Foreign Exchange places don’t accept any wrinkled, written on, or dirty notes. Also, the smaller bills in the denomination of 1, 5, 10, 20 are not accepted generally. If accepted, there would be 1% fee on the exchange rate.
Older US Dollars, without security strip in the middle are not accepted or there can be extra 1% fee for accepting them. 

Money Exchange
We recommend all participants to bring at least $300 US Dollars worth of cash to exchange into local currency, to pay at the airport, taxis, day-trips, smaller shopping in the town, as many places in India don’t have credit card machines.
A local money exchange agent come to our retreat location once a week to exchange money for our clients.

Bank Transfers
Sorry, we don’t accept any international bank transfers for several practical reasons, all paperwork and compliance with governments. The amount of time, fees deducted from each payment is unknown, until the payment reaches our accounts. Otherwise, bank transfers are not considered professional/business by many banks and government agencies, who put us under extra scrutiny and paper work to prove who sent the money and for what purpose etc.

For any questions, please feel free to email us: [email protected]