Fanny Asei Dantoni
Fanny Asei Dantoni Joined February 3, 2021

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About Me
I have completed my YTTC 200H in March 2020. This experience has changed my life. I am today creating my own center with my sister and a friend around Yoga & Massages in France. Since December 2020 I am following a new training of pre and postnatal yoga. I will be graduated in May 2021. Besides yoga, I am also following a training to become a therapist (of the relationship of help through touch).
What I Offer?
Hatha yoga classes and soon pre and post natal classes, also some massages
How Often?
Each week
My Work Experience
I have been teaching yoga since March 2020.
My Professional Qualifications
YTTC 200H, Pre and postnata yoga 75h (in process), Practionner of relationship of help through touch (in process)
For now at home, people's place, online and soon in my own centre